Work in progress

First of all, thanks to everybody who showed up to the shows on our recent tour together with Yob and Dark Castle. We had a great tour!
At the moment we’re working very hard on new material, preparing to record our next album after the winter with engineer Karl Daniel Lidén (Dozer, Switchblade, Vaka) and release it on CD/LP later in 2012. More info to follow!

We’ve also been confirmed for a show at the new Danish doom festival “Heavy Days in Doom Town”. Check it out here:

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“Counting Heartbeats” vinyl repress pre-order

Our debut album, which has been sold out on vinyl for some time, is getting repressed on gatefold double LP by Music Fear Satan and can be ordered now.
Pressing info: 700 black, 150 clear, 150 pink/white swirl

Order from the label itself:

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European tour starts now!

We’ll finally get on the road again, with 28 shows with Yob and Dark Castle ahead of us. Keep in mind we’re playing early most nights, so don’t be too late! Looking forward to see you all!
This also means that no merch can be purchased from our website until end of October, when we’re back home again. Feel free to send your orders though and they will be taken care of at a later point.

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Upcoming tour dates with YOB and Dark Castle

The booking for our upcoming tour with YOB and Dark Castle is more or less complete. 28 shows in 30 days. See the full tour schedule below:

11.09.16 Tilburg, Netherlands – Incubate Festival w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.17 Bielefeld, Germany – AJZ w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.18 Copenhagen, Denmark – Loppen w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.19 Stockholm, Sweden – Kägelbanan w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.20 Oslo, Norway – Betong w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.21 Gothenburg, Sweden – Sticky Fingers w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.22 Århus, Denmark – Musikcafeen w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.23 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.24 Berlin, Germany – Lovelite w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.25 Prague, Czech Republic – Klub 007 w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.26 Stuttgart, Germany – Schocken w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.27 Vienna, Austria – Arena w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.28 Munich, Germany – Feierwerk w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.09.29 Milan, Italy – Lo-Fi w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.01 Dornbirn, Austria – Transmitter Festival w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.02 Lausanne, Switzerland – Le Romandie w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.03 Montpellier, France – Mojomatic w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.04 Barcelona, Spain – Be Cool w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.05 Madrid, Spain – Ritmo y Compas w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.06 Porto, Portugal – Hard Club w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.07 San Sebastian, Spain – Mogambo w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.09 Paris, France – Les Combustibles w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.10 London, United Kingdom – Purple Turtle w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.11 Leeds, United Kingdom – The Well w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.12 Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Bannermans w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.13 Manchester, United Kingdom – Star & Garter w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.14 Bristol, United Kingdom – The Croft w/ YOB, Dark Castle
11.10.15 Hasselt, Belgium – Muziekodroom w/ YOB, Dark Castle, Intronaut, A Storm Of Light, Ghostbrigade


New website launched

After not really updating the content or design on our website since.. like 2008, and with Myspace digging it’s own digital grave, we thought it was about time we got ourselves a new website. So here it is, hope you’ll enjoy it. It will be updated frequently with tour dates and the most relevant news, so pay it a visit now and then.